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    Looking just for absolute values is deflecting from real problems and more eyewash then saddle fitting. The science is to spread the load perfectly!
    Pressure scanning with cable or annoying bags for big electronics? Definetely not! Welcome to the present with the Satteltester!
    Impress your costumer with state of the art visuilization. Easy understandable pictures boost the acceptance.
    Team-Sattelteser presents in cooperation with Dr. Stodulka and Mr. Eberhardt Weiss the improvements of the well-tried saddle scanning system in the context with the Medical Saddledoctrine of Dr. Stodulka and Weiss on the Equitana 2013

The “Satteltester” consists of a mat (also called: pad) which you place on the horseback. Another important part is the software (SATS) which visualizes you the pressure distribution. A lot of posibilities helps to analyze and visualize. 

We introduce our scanning system now:

The measuring mat
The mat: you can see the pockets and the side. One for battery; one for electronicsThis is our standard model. You can use it as universal measuring pad for almost every saddle. The borling shows you each sensor. In the left pocket the battery is placed; in the right pocket is the electronics including the radio transmitting.

Of course the mat is ergonomically designed

The mat on a horseback modelA bad designed (not ergonomically) will bend the mat; this will cause wrong measuring values and will damage the sensors in a long term usage. The Satteltester adapts to the horseback and minimize the risk of errors and damages.

This is a costum mat specially 
designed for dressage saddles

The mat on the horsebackWe also produce costum mats. This mat is specially designed for a dressage saddle factory. The costumer wanted a shorter mat which leads to a higher desnity of sensors. Some costumers wants extended mats. Because we are producing the mats on ourselves we can go for the costumer request. You want a special design? Ask us!!!

The measuring mat

The measuring mat is placed underneath the saddle (including everthing like the saddlecloth). The measuring mat contains the sensors, which measure the pressure affecting the horseback. 256 thin section sensors are in the mat. The sensors measure the pressure on the bearing surface for saddles of all kinds of riding by their arrangement perfectly. The mat possesses an extremely thin design. Thus adapts you completely without tension to the horseback. For that a falsification of the results of measurement is impossible. 

The electronics (black box) is placed on the side of the pad and never disturbs the rider or horse. On the second side we placed the energy pack. It is a USB-Power-Pack so it can be charged by an USB-Port (e.g. from a notebook) and can be charged independend from any plug or voltage from the local electricity standards. The task of the electronic is to scan the sensors in the pad and transfer the data via radio to the computer. The electronic parts are completely integrated in the pad and don't force the rider to wear a backpack or something like that. Only the radio transmitter is in a seperate box to make maintenance easy. By using of industrial components the robustness and reliability are guaranteed. 

Now, we want to introduce the software:

The software SATS:

Team-Satteltester was one of the first who included the video capture as a main feature in the main window of the software. This is absolutely neccessary for serious analysis. The posture of rider and horse and all the influences of the rider are recorded. This is extremely important for analyzing the pressure distribution. A bad riders influence can change the pressure distribution of a fitting saddle easily from good to bad. To record the video we supply a high quality webcam. The software receives the radio signal of the black box and visualizes the measuring data. 

The recording mode

The analyzing mode

Scannung the pressure under a dressage saddle. On the photo: Robert Stodulka (analyzing), Eberhardt Weiß (riding)Analyzing and working with the results of a computerized objectif saddle check

A well structured software interface makes it easy for even non-skilled computer users to use our software

The menue is easy to use and the functions are easy to find. Even if you don't use the system for weeks, you will easily get back to the software posibilities of SATS. 

- Recording a scanning file:
On the left picture you see a screenshot from the recording interface. On the left of the picture you see the actual pressure distribution on the horseback. On the right top you see the video picture showing the rider. Between the pics you can see coloured bar from blue to red. This tool is called pressure analyser (PA) and shifts the corresponding colour to the value. This tool is fantastic to adjust the absolut weight to the horse back. If you have a lightweighted young girl you have to go down with the Pressure Analyzer to make small pressure values more colourfull; if you have an heavy rider you have to go up with the slider. This is a kind of zoom to set the contrast to the position where it's needed most. The absolute values will never changed. we also support a second colour bar from green to red. Also we can make the picture more stepped with less colours (isobar distribution). Some person prefer to work with that. Below the camere picture you insert information to identify the measurement by riders name, surname, name of the horse, name of the saddle and what you ask the rider to do. You can select the standard values in a pulldown menu like walk left hand. walk right hand, trott left hand, trott right hand or towards the observer. Of course you can manually fill in other describtions,too. After starting the recording the Software adds a timestamp to the filename. This helps to find the correct file, too. The buttons control if record or if you are in the observer mode. In the observer mode you see the pressure distribution before recording anything to disc. Although this mode was implemented to check if everything is alright before saving anything this mode is really helpfull to show the pressure distribution to the rider and he can realize how important it is to sit correct in the saddle. Press record to start scanning; press the button a second time and the recording stops and writes a file to the disc. Well, that's the recording. Quite easy, right?

- Loading a scanning file:
The advantages of recording files and to analyze them lateron should be clear. On one side the costumer wants to see what you're doing and to understand the situation on the horseback. On the other side you have some mighty tools which can calculate a lot for you and other tools that makes it easy to visualize the results. The average and the maximum is calculated by one click. The scanning file could be played with buttons you know from your DVD-Player. You can see the buttons at the buttom left. You can easily go through the whole scanning file step by step, in automatic mode like a movie or you can take the slider and move very fast to the wished position. You can check the feature with our "TS_Viewer" tool in the download section. This tool is free for everyone as portable app and can open scanning files from SATS. Only the analyzing tools are not included and is part of the full version of SATS. Feel free to download the Viewer and some sample files. 

- Examples what you can do with our software:



Average pressure on the horseback after a saddle scanAnatomic 3D-Visualization: Pressure on the horseback. The horseback as the weight-bearing element and the muscles under pressure

The average is the most helpfull picture to say something about the pressure on the horseback. It visualize the average of each sensor of the complete scanning file.

The 3D View helps persons to interpretate what the colours means very very fast. The pressure distribution is placed on a horse model and it's really very easy to understand what you can see with this system.


ntegrated documentation of the saddle in the SATS analysis module

The Dokumentator is a very small tool to create a summary of the scanning file.

The PC / the Notebook:

> To the scope of supply of the “Satteltester” does not belong a computer or Laptop / Notebook. The price-fluctuation is to big and there are enough of offers. Please understand when we do not take part here. 

You are interested in the acquisition of a “Satteltester”, and you don’t have a suitable computer or you are not sure yourselves to do the correct selection of a computer system, then be sure that we will assist. Please check our system requirements file in our download section first.